Every year a lot of players start the season brilliantly, like Kevin De Bryune in 2017/18 season some may fade out but others may go on to have a career-defining season. So let us take a look at 5 players who have started the season brilliantly. 

  1. Domenico Berardi

Domenico Berardi is an Italian international playing for the Italian team sassuolo, he is the main man there and has hit his prime at the age of 25.

He predominantly plays on the right but can also play in a 2 man attack. Berardi has scored 6 and has assisted 2 goals. His form might sustain as he takes 5.2 shots per game, and 1.8 of them are inside the box, that is why he has 0.34 expected goals and 0.18 expected assists, which makes his expected goal contribution of 0.52 which means that he is expected to contribute a goal every second game. 

He also makes 2 defensive actions per 90 and is a good presser. Berardi is like Nicolas Pepe in some sorts like they both cut inside from the right side and take a lot of shots outside the box. 

Berardi is a good player and deserves a move to a bigger club.

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2.Loren Moron

Loren Moron is a striker who plays for Real Betis and is currently the top scorer La Liga above the likes of Karim Benzema and Luis Suarez. 

He has taken La Liga by storm as he has contributed to 8 goals scoring 7 and assisting 1. Moron is not a shot monster just taking 2.26 shots per 90, but those shots are high-quality shots as 70 per cent of his shots are inside the box. Moron is like Seb Haller as both only takes shots from promising positions and both are good at holding the ball. A sentiment to his good shot taking is his expected goals per 90 which are 0.65 which means he is likely to a score in most of the games he plays. 

Moron still has to improve in a lot of things to be world-class like he has to be more creative and he is not a good defender, which he has to improve. 

I think Moron has hit a purple patch and he is likely to be a good La Liga striker with an expected goal contribution of 0.35 to 0.50.

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3.Habib Maiga

Habib Maïga is a 23-year-old defensive midfielder playing for Metz. The Ivory Coast international has started the season brilliantly and is a lot like a young Moussa Dembele. He is a good dribbler completing 1.3 dribbles and takes 1 shot per game but does not give anything away at defensive end as he completes 4.8 tackles and completes 1.6 interceptions. He also is a good tactical fouler and is a very intelligent player. He is also good at blocking the ball.

Maiga is an average passer as he attempts 55 passes with 83% and completes almost2 long balls.

Maiga looks like a good player and could be moving next season, he is a good squad player and has the potential of being better.

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4. Denis Suarez

Most of you may know Denis Suarez from his time at Arsenal, but he has changed a lot since moving to Celta Vigo. 

Suarez has been playing on wings and as number 10. He is a great dribbler as he completes around 4 dribbles, this is why he also gets fouled 2 times game. This makes him a good ball progressor.

He is also a great creator as he completes 2.7 key passes but it may be skewed as he also takes set-pieces he has an expected assist of 0.33 and expected goals of 0.17 which makes his expected goals contribution 0.5 which means that he will contribute to a goal every other day. He is also good at crossing and is a good passer.

I think Suarez is just at his perfect level as he previously struggled at big clubs. Suarez is a talented and in the prime of his life and could do a lot at Celta Vigo.

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5.Denis Zakaria 

Denis Zakaria is a Swiss International playing for Gladbach. He is a defensive midfielder and well-rounded player.

He does a lot of defensive work for his team- completing 4 tackles and interceptions per 90, he also is good ball progress as completes 2.5 dribbles per 90. His build-up play is good which is signified by his expected build-up of 0.3 and he has a very healthy expected goals chain of 0.47.

The thing he can radically improve on is his passing as despite being a defensive midfielder he only completed 36 passes, even the likes of the Declan Rice and Morgan Schinderlin finished more passes.

Zakaria is just 22 years old and will definitely improve playing under Marco Rose who is a very talented manager.

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