Inside the club is a series where I analyse a club. Today I am analysing R.B.LEIPZIG. R.B.LEIPZIG is a very interesting club- they play a very attractive style. Let us take a look at them.

First Team

R.B.Leipzig appointed Julian Nagelsmann this year and he has made the team phenomenal. Last year Leipzig played a 4-2-2-2 under now sporting director- Ralf Rangnick, according to the stats they were the second-best team in Germany but finished third, this happened because they lacked coherence and their squad depth was not just good enough but all that has changed after the appointment of Nagelsmann. They have become more flexible, having played multiple systems like 4-4-1-1, 4-2-2-2, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 and a 4-3-1-2. they have also improved in shot conceded in a game and shot per goal.

These systems have all something in common- they all require a quick transition, they have taken fewer shots per game than last season but have taken those shots in higher quality, their press is one of the best in Germany which can be easily said by their PPDA(passes per defensive action) which is around 8.7 per game( before the Bayern Munich game) their press is very variable too- they can sometimes use a 3 person front line which presses 2-1 form where they promote play to the wide channels and then overload to press, or they press with a front 4 where they look to do the same but with more speed. They also look to break counter-attacks by keeping a man reserve. 

In attack, Leipzig like to pass until someone from the opposite team breaks their team’s defensive line, after which they play a long ball to a forward out of 3 one of them drop out and then passes the ball to the midfielder just behind him, who then switches the play or passes the ball to the other midfielder this all is done in frightening speed and require certain type of players.

Another way through Leipzig attack is through their wing-backs, the passing is the same but this time the wingbacks move up in the attack which then leads to promising to crosses, R.B has one of the full-back pairings in the league with Lukas Klostermann and Marcel Halstenberg.

R.B Leipzig squad is one the best squad in Germany they have very talented forwards in Timo Werner, Yussuf Poulsen and Marcel Sabitzer, all are prolific and all combined have contributed to 12 goals in 4 games.

R.B also have an amazing midfield with Tyler Adams as their best player who is currently injured, along with him they also have Haidara, Kevin Kempl, Emil Forsberg and Ademola Lookman.

R.B’s defensive personnel is one of the youngest but it is one of the best and has upcoming defenders like Konate, Orban,mukeile and Uplemacano, the defensive line is very talented and could be the best in Bundesliga as the season progresses.

R.B Leipzig makes a few mistakes too- like they can be naive in defence and can concede fouls when not needed. If they can overcome these errors they are serious Bundesliga contenders, they just would have to maintain their form they might even win the league. R.B Leipzig is an interesting proposition and they have one of the best coaches in the World, their counter-attacking play is very exciting and would create a lot of teams a lot of problems.

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